Manufactured Building Products

Manufactured building products such as Boral®, Fypon® and Hardie® offer solutions to problems that occur in natural wood. With high durability and low maintenance, these products offer warranties that are not available in natural products.


Light weight and easy to install, Fypon® molded millwork is made to replicate most exterior wood profiles.  Its polyurethane composite makes it versatile and resistant to elements that commonly breakdown natural products. Because of this, Fypon® is able to offer a limited Life Time Warranty.

Boral® Trim & Siding

Boral TruExterior™ products are like no other siding or trim products on the market today.  The proprietary polymer chemistry and coal-combustion products (ash) add a level of inert properties with virtually no moisture cycling. These products are easy to handle– they can be cut, milled and fastened using regular wood working tools and can be painted any color using exterior latex paint.


Hardie Siding®

Installed on 5.5 million homes from coast to coast James Hardie® products are built to withstand the most extreme elements in all climates. Available with Color Plus® Technology, Hardie provides the ultimate in aesthetics and performance.  The innovative color process applies a consistent, baked-on finish, that provides years of lasting beauty and fade resistance.


Miratec® is a wood composite trim that is made from sustainable materials and renewable resources.  All of its wood-fiber comes from an area within a 150 mile radius of the Towanda, PA production facility.  It is easy to work with and requires no special tools. Miratec® offers an industry-best 50 year warranty for all products.

LP SmartSide® engineered wood siding

Create a custom look with LP SmartSide® Lap Siding. Available in different sizes in smooth and textured finishes, LP SmartSide® enhances the curb appeal of new and remodeled homes. Plus, it’s the perfect complement to homes finished in other exteriors such as stucco, stone and brick.

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1T104181 X 4-16' Fypon PVC
1T106181 X 6-16' Fypon PVC
1T108181 X 8-16 Fypon PVC
1T110161 X 10-16' Fypon PVC
1T112181 X 12-16' Fypon PVC
1T12481/2" 4x8 Fypon PVC Panel
1T34483/4" 4x8 Fypon PVC Panel
1T38483/8" 4x8 Fypon PVC Panel
1T506181" Net X 5 1/2"-16' Fypon PVC
1T510181 1/4" X 9 1/4"-18' Azek PVC
1T8041 X 4-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T8061 X 6 -16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T8081 X 8-16 Miratec Exterior Trim
1T8101 X 10-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T8121 X 12-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T90015/4 X 4-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T90055/4 X 6-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T90085/4 X 8-16 Miratec Exterior Trim
1T90105/4 x 10-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1T90205/4 x 12-16' Miratec Exterior Trim
1TB104161x4-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB106161x6-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB108161x8-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB110161x10-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB112161x12-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB204162x4-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB206162x6-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB208162x8-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB210162x10-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB212162x12-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB504165/4x4-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB506165/4x6-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB508165/4x8-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB510165/4x10-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB512165/4x12-16' Boral Exterior Trim
1TB516165/8x6-16' Boral Tru Bead Board
2Q7112PRS1/2 x 8-16' Fiber Smart Siding
2Q712PRSD1/2 X 12 -16' Fiber Smart Siding
2Q715PRSD1/2 X 8-16' Fiber Smart Siding
3Y096Bear Skin Joint flashing 50 Sheet Count
3Y0975-1/4 Smooth Hardie Siding
3Y1017-1/4 Smooth Hardie Siding
3Y1106-1/4" Smooth Hardie Siding
3Y1158 -1/4" Smooth Hardie Siding
3Y1208 -1/4" Smooth Hardie Beaded Siding
3Y1258-1/4" Hardie Cedar Mill Siding
3Y1264x8 Smooth Hardie Panel
2O00303/4" MDO G1S Plywood
2O00353/4" MDO G2S Plywood
3Y1264x8 Smooth Hardie Panel